We are the PATRÓNS MC San Antonio, the BLACK and BLUE, the LOYAL, and FEW... Loyal to our Brothers, Loyal to our Colors... Few because that is the way we want it... We have a love for God, Country, Family, and the Open Road... We promote our lifestyle, and it may not be for all, but it is what the PATRÓNS are all about... We love, we live, we embrace this way of life... We are not a 1%ER club, not a 1%ER support club, but make no mistake about it, we do respect and support the Red & Gold of the BANDIDO NATION...

The PATRÓNS MC San Antonio were chartered October 16, 2005 when Presidents from the six area chapters of the BANDIDOS MC - TEXAS signed off on our charter... The PATRÓNS MC was founded by Marty "Papa Bear" Lewis, and Joe Botello... Papa Bear and Joe B were members of another area club where conflicts were the way of life... Another road was chosen to travel... That road would be traveled by the Charter 13, Brothers of all walks of life, Brothers that had only one thing in mind and that was the love for this club... The name PATRÓNS came to mind while having a couple of shots of the classic drink... Got to give props to Lil Marty for all his help in designing our club patches... The kid did a bang up job... Must also give props to BANDIDO John Portillo 1%ER National Chapter, BANDIDO German 1%ER Hill Country Chapter, Texas for all their help in getting our charter... Thanks to the San Antonio Chapter, SW Chapter, NW Chapter, Westside Chapter, Hill Country Chapter, and Centro Chapter of the BANDIDOS MC - TEXAS.

Love is Honor, Loyalty is Honor, Respect is Always Our Honor